If you know you are going to need more than two new hires in the year then why not consider our monthly recruitment plan.

Should the number of hires within the 12 month period take you in to the next level of the programme you will be invoiced the excess to bring you up to date and will continue to be invoiced at the new level until the end of the 12 months.

How it works

    • We work with you to fully understand each vacancy
    • Put together the advertisement (its all about keywords)
    • Place the advert
    • Receive and filter responses
    • First Interview
    • Arrange face to face interview with you
    • Negotiate terms of offer
    • Maintain contact until start date
    • No additional placement fee and if you want more staff we will just do it

all again all for just a fixed monthly fee

Up to 3 hires
£350 +VAT (/PM)
  • Perfect for kick starting your recruitment
4-7 hires
£550 +VAT (/PM)
  • For when you need more people
8-10 hires
£750 +VAT (/PM)
  • Each subsequent hire @ £750 +VAT

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