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On the 12th day of Christmas MK gave to me – 12 tips for recruiting in Milton Keynes

The official Christmas countdown is now on, with it being socially acceptable to eat chocolate before breakfast. In true Christmas spirit, we thought we’d add a touch of festivity to this month’s recruitment blog by delivering 12 tips for recruiting in Milton Keynes.

So, let’s hear it for the 12 days of Christmas recruitment in MK.

1. Act quickly

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…a deadline. Milton Keynes is a hotbed of vacancies, offers and acceptances. The fast-paced nature of recruitment in the city necessitates quick action when advertising your positions, sifting through candidates, interviewing and making an offer. Take too long and your talent will be sitting in a pear tree with someone else.

2. Adopt a Milton Keynes mindset

Milton Keynes is the city of dreams, fueling growth, fostering innovation and encouraging a different way of thinking. To attract the best MK talent, you must embody everything that Milton Keynes and its job seekers are about. That means supporting professional development, offering flexible working practices and giving plenty of creative freedom.

3. Find the right job boards

As one of the UK’s fastest-growing cities, life moves quickly among the Vs and Hs, and candidates don’t have time to read every job board for your vacancy. Increase the chances of connecting with talented job seekers by advertising on the job sites that matter.

4. Don’t forget about passive candidates

Those living and working in Milton Keynes score above average on the happiness index. This means that many employees are happy in their job and not looking to move, yet. By using a recruitment consultant to tap into the passive candidate market, you can reach talent that would open to interviewing if the right opportunity came along.

5. Five gold rings

MK sits happily between Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and London – meaning that your candidate search can extend to each of these counties. Take advantage of our transport links and affordable new housing by advertising your vacancies in and outside of Milton Keynes.

6. Don’t get stuck on a roundabout

Literally and figuratively. If you’re using the same old recruitment methods to return the same old recruitment delays and subquality candidates, then it’s time to change. Evaluate your current resourcing methods against industry best practice and think of new ways to improve and drive results.

7. Partner with a Milton Keynes recruitment consultant

Being a Milton Keynes recruitment consultant, we’re a little biased, but we honestly believe that using an MK-based agency can fuel your resourcing to produce outstanding results. We know where best to advertise your vacancy and how to access and attract the top skills and talent for your business.

8. Embrace diversity

Milton Keynes is an incredibly diverse city. Embrace it. Driving diversity and inclusion in the workplace can deliver competitive advantage, increase productivity and provide access to a larger pool of talent. Plus, with the right policies, training and mindset, it’s easy to do.

9. Network with the best

There is no shortage of networking events in this city, so there’s no excuse not to take part. From breakfast meetings and brunch seminars to lunch catchups and evening talks, whatever tickles your fancy get involved. The connections you make can advise you on their recruitment methods, spread the word about your vacancies or even be interested a position themselves.

10. Build your employer brand

The Christmas lights are bright this year, so you must make an extra effort to stand out. Employer branding is all about making people want to work and stay with your business. From the wording you use in your advertising campaigns, to the policies and perks that you offer – everything counts.

11. Perfect the candidate experience

Everyone knows everyone in MK. And people talk. If you take a long time to make recruitment decisions, fail to keep candidates informed and decline to provide constructive feedback, word can get around. This word can deter future candidates and disengage hiring managers. Evaluate your current candidate and hiring manager journey and do everything you can to make it seamless, enjoyable and talked about for the right reasons.

12. Drummers drumming

And on the 12th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…Milton Keynes. You’re recruiting in one of the fast-growing, exciting and innovative cities in the UK. Embrace it and shout about it.

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