Are you prepared for the recruitment trends of 2020?

Christmas is over, and you’re ready to start the year with some new socks and a new recruitment strategy. But before you burst into the office brimming with resourcing ideas, take a look at our top 2020 recruitment trends for resourcing in Milton Keynes and beyond.

1. Candidate experience

Candidate experience isn’t a new recruitment buzzword, but we will definitely see it become more of a priority in the year ahead. As unemployment continues to decrease, and the market becomes largely candidate-driven, the recruitment experience will become a key factor in attracting top talent. Not only will candidates be looking for efficient processes and timely updates, but they’ll also be attracted to companies that advertise on social media and have a strong and social employer brand.

2. Business experience

It’s not only the candidate’s experience of the recruitment process that will be in the spotlight this year. As businesses come under increasing pressure to perform and increase productivity, they’ll be looking for the HR department to prove themselves more than just a cost centre. Accessible talent pools, reduced time to hire, cost-effective resourcing and the delivery of employees who perform will the KPIs of 2020.

3. Underqualification

In 2019, recruitment was primarily focused on competing for the best talent and qualifications for the role. While this will remain important in 2020, we will also see a renewed interest in promising talent. This means candidates who demonstrate an eagerness and the soft skills to learn and develop into a role. Not only does this save money and time, but it also helps significantly with succession planning.

4. Company culture

According to a recent report, company culture isn’t just good for engaging existing employees. Two in three recruiters say that a candidate’s cultural fit influences their decision to hire, and one in three candidates say that a company’s culture attracts them to a job advert. The importance of creating and advertising a talent-winning culture will be high over the next 12 months, with flexible and open cultures performing particularly well in the war for employees.

5. Collaborative hiring

The recruitment agency is finally losing its negative reputation, with more businesses realising the benefits of collaborating with a resourcing specialist. Being able to access the top talent pools, advertising knowledge and recruitment expertise of a specialist helps to streamline processes, reduce time to hire and decrease overall costs. In particular, we expect an increased interest in flexible resourcing packages to suit business needs and budgets.

6. Candidate relationship management

2020 will mark the year that the resourcing model finally shifts from being reactive to being proactive, through the use of candidate relationship management. Candidate relationship management involves creating and developing ongoing relationships with future candidates, either yourself or through a recruitment consultant. This creates a pool of active and passive talent that can be considered and approached at short notice.

7. Virtual reality

The future is made of virtual reality in the recruitment industry. We’re already seeing glimmers of VR being used in the recruitment process to test skills, give office tours and even conduct the interviews themselves, and this will increase over the next year. The future is here.

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