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What your business can learn from the Rugby World Cup

Is your office missing a morning haka?

We made it. The end of the Japanese Rugby World Cup is here, with England securing its place in the final. But while you’ve been cheering on our men in white (or red, green or blue) and noting what to do when 130kg of muscle comes running at you, have you been aware of what your business can learn from the Rugby World Cup?

While your office in Milton Keynes might be some 5,928 miles away from the International Stadium Yokohama, and your staff a little reluctant to add ice baths and morning scrums to their to-do list, there are some more practical lessons on the field that can help your business off of it.


Diversity has been a prominent feature in our recruitment blog recently, and it’s been an equally big feature in this year’s Rugby World Cup. 2019 marks the first year that the event has been in Asia, away from the traditional Rugby heartland, and locals, teams, players and fans have all embraced this change as an opportunity to learn, grow and experience different cultures.

We’ve also seen incredible diversity on the pitch, with different positions, skills and weights joined in one team and winning tries on the pitch, just as it can win goals in the office. Businesses recruiting for different skills, specialisms, personalities and backgrounds, are the businesses that find innovative ways to work, produce different results, and win the top talent when it comes to recruitment.


But diversity on its own isn’t winning games – it needs teamwork. We’ve spent this autumn watching teams of 15 players work together to win. Sure, they might be clambering over one another, but it’s not in a fight for who takes credit or who gets promoted. They recognise and use each other’s strengths and skills to perform as one.

It’s this kind of teamwork that sees employees excel, departments succeed, and businesses scale. Yet, a lack of support, under-appreciation, silos, and competitive atmospheres are all common reasons behind many candidates in Milton Keynes’ decision to look for another job. If you’re not recruiting team players, fostering team spirit and encouraging multi-disciplinary projects, then you need to watch some RWC replays to understand how important teamwork is.


Talk to anyone about rugby and the conversation at some point will move onto respect. While you might not think that a field full of mud, muscle and might would command utter silence during a kick, outstanding politeness to the referee and no hard feelings at the end of the game, it does. And that respect on the field earns incredible respect off of it.

This is an impressive example of how pulling your weight (literally and figuratively) doesn’t result in admiration. In this war of talent that businesses are experiencing in Milton Keynes recruitment, the winners are those who are retaining key employees and attracting new ones by treating people with regard, kindness and compassion. For example, trusting employees enough to work from home, providing candidates with timely and useful feedback, and recruiting people who return that respect.

The end goal

The goal of every team competing in the World Cup is to win, and everything is focused on achieving that goal. Training, diet, sleep, stretching, and even the humidity have been researched, planned for and executed in pursuit of winning. Anything that doesn’t help the team achieve that end goal isn’t necessary.

This example of intense focus is useful for businesses. When recruiting, your goal is to secure the perfect candidate for the role, the team and the overall company culture. But are all of your actions focused on achieving that goal, or are you wasting time and effort on measures that don’t really help? For example, are you building meaningful policies and working with a Milton Keynes recruitment consultant to attract and find the right candidate for the role? Or are you wasting effort creating fad policies and fancy advertisements that attract candidates to a culture that just isn’t true?

We’re writing this blog before England’s final on Saturday because we’re too nervous to do it after. But these rugby lessons remain relevant whatever the outcome. So whether you’re watching the final with a bacon buttie in hand, fondly remembering Englan’s win throughout the rest of the year, or rooting for your local team during the rest of the season – take a minute to think how rugby could make your business better.


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