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Sleigh bells ring – are you recruiting? Top tips for hospitality Christmas staff recruitment

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s also the busiest. Yes, we’re already talking about the C-word, because we’ve already started hospitality Christmas staff recruitment for our clients.

If you’re in the hospitality industry and you’ve not yet started yours, then read on as we share our top tips for recruiting the best elves out there.

1. Start now

You might have left your patio set out, bbq hooked up and sunglasses on the side in the hopes of some last-minute sunshine, but your potential candidates aren’t waiting around for a last-minute job offer. Starting your festive recruitment drive now ensures that:

  • You have access to a wide selection of talented candidates;
  • You can complete the pre-screening and interview process during the calm before the storm; and
  • You can fully train your new recruits before the crowds arrive.


2. Write a list

He’s making a list because it’s the best place to start. It’s easy to jump straight into holiday recruitment before properly considering what you need. We recommend creating a clear recruitment strategy that clearly defines the roles you need to fill, how long they need to be filled for and, importantly, what they’ll be doing. Just remember to check it twice.

3. Attract the right talent

Once you know the roles you want to fill, then you need to identify the right people to fill them. Attracting the top talent for your Christmas hospitality vacancies requires:

An accurate job description

Your job description should detail the main tasks required of the position, along with any additional tasks that they might need to fulfil. This ensures that candidates are clear about the role they are applying for and that you’re not wading through irrelevant CVs.

A solid advertisement

Your job ad should include the necessary skills required for the role, but before you start listing restaurant experience, wine knowledge and team management – think about the soft skills that can’t be learnt. Do you want someone who has strong communication skills, natural customer service abilities, or outstanding time management?


Honesty is the best policy, especially when Santa’s watching. Be honest about the role requirements, contract length, and the possibility for future work. Not only does this attract candidates who will say yes to a job offer, but it’s also good for your brand and reputation.

Pay and benefits

While money is no longer the biggest motivator when it comes to accepting a new role, it certainly helps. Ensure that your pay and benefits are competitive and reflective of the contract duration – this includes salary, tips, overtime, reward schemes and the post-Christmas party.

4. Advertise in the right places

Social media job advertisements are all the rage at the moment – but do they work? Do your research and speak to a recruitment specialist about the best places to advertise your Christmas hospitality jobs. Advertising in the right places reduces the time and costs involved in finding the people topping the nice list.

5. Embrace diversity

Following on from last month’s blog on how the hospitality industry can drive diversity and inclusion, embracing diversity is one of our biggest tips for your hospitality Christmas staff recruitment drive. A diverse festive workforce brings benefits, including:

  • A larger talent pool;
  • A hard-working team; and
  • A happier workforce.


6. Get help

If you’re already feeling stressed out about your Christmas staff recruitment needs, then get help. Recruitment agencies aren’t all bad, and they can quickly present a list of promising candidates who are ready to be interviewed, available for the festive season and ready to welcome the mayhem that is Christmas. All you need to do is crack open the egg nog.

Happy Christmas!


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