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Hospitality recruitment: the tips that are winning candidates

The hospitality industry has rightly earned its reputation as being one of the more challenging industries to recruit for. Temporary staff, unsociable hours and challenging customers make it difficult to find, attract and retain candidates. 

But, with turnover rates as high as 26% and estimates that an additional 993,000 hospitality employees are required by 2022, it’s never been more important to change things. So, what are our top tips for hospitality recruitment in Milton Keynes and beyond?

1. Rethink how you do it

Placing an advertisement in the window and conducting a 5-minute Q&A at the bar might be how your team leaders have always done it, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to work for either party. You might have heard the terms candidate experience and hiring manager experience – both are crucial for hospitality recruitment. 

  • Hiring manager experience – the recruitment process should involve the hiring manager as much as possible. This ensures that you’re accurately advertising the right vacancy in the right places, attracting the right talent and allowing enough time for the manager to assess skills and suitability for the role properly. 
  • Candidate experience – the recruitment process is also your chance to shine as an employer, treating candidates with the respect that can expect to receive in the role. This means professionally planned and conducted interviews, timely updates and constructive feedback that makes the candidate want to work and stay with you. 


2. Rethink who you attract

If you’re attracting the same type of candidates, then you can only expect the same type of results. Candidate attraction is no mean feat, but the following strategies can help you attract a diverse range of quality candidates to your vacancies. 

  • Creating a descriptive and accurate job description that attracts candidates to the role requirements rather than the job title.  
  • Re-assessing your benefits by asking a local recruitment provider to benchmark your salaries and perks against local competitors who manage to attract and retain the best talent. 
  • Considering home-grown talent by investing in an internal learning and development programme that creates future leaders and reduces your long-term recruitment pressures. 
  • Holding open days that attract candidates who are willing to put their skills to the test in a real-life setting. 


3. Rethink where you attract them

According to the latest Candidate Attraction Report the top most-used recruitment channels in hospitality are the company website, the company social media channels and employee referrals. These methods are only ever going to attract people that specifically want to work for your brand, and unless your employer brand is on point, it’s unlikely that candidates are going to be searching your website every day for an opening.

Instead, you should be:

  • Advertising on a variety of channels to reach a different calibre and wider range of candidates. This includes general and specialist job boards, local recruitment agencies and on your website and social media channels. 
  • Developing your employer brand across your website and social media channels so that candidates researching your brand know what you stand for, what it’s like working for you and how you differ from the competition. With this knowledge, they can determine if they’re the right fit for your culture.


4. Rethink who you work with

A staggering 93% of hospitality employers say they find it difficult to recruit suitable staff. That’s an overwhelming majority and a concerning statistic. But we said hospitality recruitment was challenging, right?

Challenging doesn’t have to mean difficult. By partnering with a local hospitality recruitment specialist, you can access the skills, expertise and methods required for finding, attracting and retaining the best candidates for your position. Pick and mix recruitment packages also allow you to delegate the tasks you find most difficult while keeping the tasks your excel at in-house – saving you time and money. 

Whether you offer food, drink, a place to dance, or a best to sleep – having the right staff in the background is fundamental. At Profile Resourcing, we work with numerous businesses to provide hospitality recruitment services in Milton Keynes, Bedford and Buckinghamshire – resulting in long-lasting talent that makes an impact.

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