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Milton Keynes’ most in-demand IT & tech skills of 2020

With LinkedIn naming blockchain and creativity as the top hard and soft skills in demand this year, we thought we’d complete a Milton Keynes special of the most in-demand IT and tech skills of 2020. Do your skills or vacancies make the list? Find out.

Milton Keynes’ top tech hard skills of 2020

As one of the tech hotspots of the UK, there will be an abundance of technical and IT vacancies in Milton Keynes this year. But which skills will be topping the “essential requirements” list?

1. C#

At Profile Resourcing, we’ve seen the requirement for C# skyrocket over the past few months and into January. IT jobs in Milton Keynes are asking for extensive experience with the Microsoft language, for vacancies spanning web developers, .NET developers and full-stack developers.

2. Python

Another language coming out on top is Python. Ranked by Stack Overflow as the fastest-growing programming language out there, Python is recognised as being both easy to learn and incredibly user-friendly. Accordingly, there will be a surge of Milton Keynes recruiters looking for Python experience for data engineer, full-stack developer and software engineer vacancies.

3. Cloud computing

.NET vacancies in Milton Keynes are increasingly prioritising cloud experience when it comes to must-have tech skills. Experience and knowledge of architecture principles, performance, AWS, Azure and scaling will be in demand in 2020 and beyond.

4. Mobile development

Milton Keynes has also become a hotbed for start-up activity, with accelerators and co-working spaces popping up all over the city. As these businesses receive investment to develop their product further, they’ll quickly require mobile development expertise.

5. Help desk support

And finally, the IT help desk certainly isn’t dead. However, with businesses and employees becoming more tech-savvy, the requirements of this role will change in 2020. Helpdesk support roles will involve more advanced technical problems, requiring a broad range of IT knowledge, experience and skills.

Milton Keynes’ top tech soft skills of 2020

It’s no longer just the tech skills that make someone an ideal IT candidate. Companies are increasingly looking for soft skills that set technical job seekers apart. Specifically:

1. Collaboration

The tech department is no longer hiding away in the corner of the office. In fact, the ability of IT departments to communicate and collaborate with different departments and stakeholders is now seen as essential for better overall business performance.

2. Growth mindset

It sounds like a business buzzword because it is. However, having a growth mindset in the city of dreams is essential. Businesses are eagerly scaling their tech to keep ahead of competitors. Being motivated to learn new skills, think differently and take risks shows that you’re willing to scale with them.

3. Complex problem solving

Technical problems are now increasingly advanced and creating more of an impact than ever before. Therefore, the ability to solve new and ill-defined problems in a complex and real-life setting is a must for 2020. Specifically, companies are looking for candidates that can keep calm, work quick, co-ordinate a solution and learn from what happened.

4. An open mind

One of the latest soft skills to enter the world of tech is having an open mind. We’ve already covered under qualification being a top recruitment trend of 2020, and the skill of opening your mind sits nicely. In a nutshell, it means being open to learning new skills, working with different people, taking your career in a new direction and welcoming new responsibilities.

How Profile Resourcing can help you

Whether you’re searching for a vacancy to match your tech skills, or you’re looking for a candidate who fits the list, we can help.

Our Milton Keynes-based recruitment consultants are the best at finding and matching the ideal candidates to the job. And, even better, our competitive pricing, local knowledge and service with a smile means that we come highly recommended.

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